How many times have I found myself staring at the emergency brake in the subway wondering what would happen if I’d pull that down. My mind ignited by the possibility of doing something forbidden as all emergency brakes have a big ‘Do Not Pull The Emergency Brake!’ standing right next to them. And I bet I am not the only one. Why is it that we are so rebellious? So attracted by going against the rules?

Countless times I have imagined myself speaking up to a teacher in class or entering a church and shouting at the people that were sitting there mumbling words like robots without knowing what they were saying. I would comfort myself in those day dreams feeling a little shiver down my spine knowing no one could guess what I was thinking about.

When me and my boyfriend first hooked up nothing had been planned. He was just my driver to a party that was far off the city centre. It’s when we were heading back, him so full of booze he could hardly drive, that he started hitting on me with the pathetic line ‘Give me a kiss’. What was even more pathetic about it was that he had used the exact same line with a friend of mine – AND I KNEW IT -.

Of course he wasn’t gonna get anything from me that way. It was only after an imprecise but high number of NOES on my part that he had a revelation and guessed that probably reverse psychology would work better. He started saying things like ‘Oh I’m so bad for you, you are a good girl – it’s better if we don’t hang out together’ — In less than two seconds I was right into his arms.

REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY ain’t that a funny little thing? I’ll be heading off to Venice for the Festival next week, I guess I’ll put that into practice. Hail you people from the cinema industry! I am an actress but PLEASE don’t make me work on any of your future movies, thank you.

Stephanie Del Bino

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