I have big boobs. I know right… who cares? Either you don’t give a fuck, or you wish you could be the one starting a post like this. Well ladies and gentlemen I do care. Why? It’s simple, ‘cause when you have big boobs you got to choose: will I or will I not? – What? – USE THEM.

I bet you all know Emily Ratajkowski, and you might as well know how she reached stardom (if you do not know her..where have you been?). And as long as I might not be interested in analyzing her path when it only takes her to a Robin Thicke music video, as soon as she lands a role in a David Fincher movie I do want to try and understand how she got there. So let’s not complicate our lives and let’s just state the obvious: she gained notoriety thanks to her braless slightly uncoordinated dance moves. And that’s where my inner conundrum arises. Should I thank the lord for what I was given and celebrate my body and femininity by sharing it with the world or should I keep on being like the 12 year old me that felt embarrassed by being the only girl in her classroom wearing a bra and kept on hiding her boobs not to get undesired attention by bus drivers and bricklayers?

Well, what I’ve understood over the years is that as much as I don’t want to be defined by my own physique, it does define me. ‘Cause our body and the way we are dressed determine the first impression we give as soon as we enter a room. And as much as I’d like to be able to state that the acting industry is based above all on merit, if I were ever to say that I would be committing perjury – ((so obvious I’ve been watching Suits lately?)) – and you KNOW I’m right! We actors have to be conscious of the way we appear because in the end it’s what’s gonna determine the roles we will and will not be able to do. So, thanks to my glorious boobs, I might never be able to play the part of the daughter of Mrs Warren but I might be able to play the Mrs itself. And the sooner I get this, the sooner I’ll be able to turn things around MY WAY.

In the end, all this reasoning takes me to the following conclusion: I have to embrace myself. Thing is, when does embracing oneself become exposing oneself? Am I stupid just racking my brain over this? Should I just get over my religiously inculcated modesty and just start using my body the way it was meant to be in order to get the attention and possibly the public for my acting skills that go far beyond that little number guiding me when shopping for lingerie?

I don’t know guys, TRUTH IS: Rosamund Pike’s role is the one I would aspire to so I might as well just hold on to that bra a little longer.

Stephanie Del Bino

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