So, it’s a well known truth that we always think that what was in the past was so much better.

Can you believe our parents lived through the best years of Rock’n Roll? – When you compare Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and YES! sorry if I say so, but even Rihanna to legends such as Pink Floyd, Queen, Michael Jackson etcetc… We don’t stand a chance.

But OK! That’s evident, it is logical and normal to think that the 80’s were so much better.

Thing is, I find myself dwelling on the past (when I say past I mean everything that came before a year ago) and think it was so much better.

And it has nothing to do with Corona! REGARDLESS of Corona, it’s something I always did and maybe always will do.

I spend hours (most often on the loo) going through my old pictures and I find myself to be so much happier, so much prettier. And there is no logic in that.

Of course, I was not happier nor prettier, it’s just an Insta super controlled reality that tricks me.

Ain’t it crazy that by manipulating our reality for others, we end up manipulating ourselves?

Not only do I make others think my life is amazing but by presenting a stereotype of the perfect life, when I look back I idealise it. My brain doesn’t understand that it’s just a facade, he thinks ‘WOW! You were such a cool kid! Too bad right now you’re stuck on the loo wasting the time of your life’.

But as the dog that wants to bite its tail endlessly turns, I know that if I post flattering pictures I’ll look back and think wow, I looked fit! If I post more real content I’ll look back and think wow, I was so fucking sure of myself! 

We humans are so predictable, if we have straight hair we’d rather have it curly, if we have an innie belly button we’d rather have an outie and the list can go on for ages.

    ! Generations Y and Z, you have a new entry on the list: Yesterday’s feed will always look better than Today’s !


Stephanie Del Bino

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